Welcome to IWCS – About Us

When it comes to clear and uninterrupted communication, IWCS is here to deliver advanced and user-friendly solutions that make a world of difference. Whether you’re involved in SAR, Coast Guard, or Tactical operations, we understand the importance of effortless communication with both hands free, even in the most demanding conditions.

As a leading supplier in the market, IWCS benefits from an active Advisory Board consisting of highly-profiled members from High-End production, International Sales, and former COOs of Samsung and Nokia. This strategic advantage helps shape the future of IWCS.

But our responsibility goes beyond product development. At IWCS, we are committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, actively working to make the world a better place. Discover more about our efforts and initiatives in contributing to the Global Goals.

Join us on this journey of seamless communication and sustainable impact. Choose IWCS for your communication needs

IWCS Unique Solutions – Tailored for Your Needs

At IWCS, we understand the unique challenges faced by Search & Rescue teams, Firefighters, Navy/Marine personnel, and helicopter rescue services worldwide. Through years of servicing these professionals, we have listened attentively to their needs and designed our products to meet their specific requirements.

Our team at IWCS comprises skilled electronics and mechanical designers who are involved in every step of the product development process. From initial drawings to selecting the packaging for our products, we ensure attention to detail and quality. Our well-equipped facilities include CNC controlled machinery for prototyping and manufacturing small-volume, customized units.

In addition to our comprehensive range of standard products in the iriSound and iriComm families, we offer bespoke solutions and turnkey projects to address your specific needs. With in-house test facilities capable of simulating depths up to 50m, we excel in developing products that cater to offshore and sub-surface environments. Whether it’s customized diver-to-diver or diver-to-surface communication systems, we have the expertise to deliver.