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Active Splitter

Active Splitter

Expand headset capacity with Active Splitter, without compromising sound quality.

The ACTIVE SPLITTER from IWCS addresses several commonly occurring requirements for aviation crews.

It provides easy connection of two headsets while occupying only one port on your ICS, potentially doubling the headset capacity of your ICS. The ACTIVE SPLITTER creates full intercom between the attached headsets and offers independent volume control for each.

The ACTIVE SPLITTER can also function as impedance matching and provide signal amplification for those situations where you run into incompatibility between headset and ICS. Each headset port on the ACTIVE SPLITTER is independently configured for the specific headset type.


  • ICS-type: Dynamic or Amplified Microphone Input
  • Headset 1 input: Dynamic or Amplified Mic. Input
  • Headset 2 input: Dynamic or Amplified Mic. Input
  • Independently selectable microphone gain for each headset connection
  • Independently selectable (ON/OFF) 24V phantom supply for each headset connection
  • Independently selectable phantom supply impedance for each headset connection
  • Independently selectable connector wiring for each connection (NATO-US/Savox/Peltor)


Connections:                  TP-108 (ICS) / 2x TJ-108 (Headsets)
Wiring:                               NATO-US/Savox/Peltor
Supply voltage:              24-32VDC (28VDC Nom)
Mic. amp.:                         Configurable 0-60dB

Voltage feed-through for headset ANR
Passive dynamic or amplified microphone types
24V Phantom supply for amplified microphone Independent volume control

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