Marine Radio Inspector


We have a Maritime New Zealand Certified Marine Radio Inspector.

We can cover the Whangarei and anywhere in Northland and Auckland regions.

We are able to check and service as necessary your radios to ensure that your vessel is compliant with the Rules and Survey requirements

Who needs a Marine Radio Inspector?

A vessels Radio and Communications system that is described in Maritime New Zealand Rule Part 19 advises that maritime transport operators are to develop, and operate in accordance with, safety systems that are specific and appropriate to their maritime transport operation. Specifically, Part 19 prescribes certification requirements for persons who conduct maritime transport operations and the requirements for continuing such operations.

A maritime transport operator whose maritime transport operation uses a ship to which Part 19 applies, other than a fishing ship to which rule 43.6(2) applies, must ensure that any radio installation fitted in the ship is inspected by a radio inspector recognised by Maritime New Zealand  under rule 43.7—

  1. when it is installed;
  2.  at 4 yearly intervals after its installation;
  3. at such intermediate periods as may be determined by—
  • the relevant survey plan prepared under rule 19.63.; or
  • for ships operating under rule 19.81(3), the relevant survey plan under the safe ship management system