Night Vision

Night Vision Goggles PVS7, PVS14 and PVS31 are great tools for a range of uses, Security, Outdoors, Hunting and Search and Rescue. Night Vision Goggles give you the advantage of continuously using the Night Vision while you move, giving you vision 100% of the time.

We can supply either Gen2, Gen 3 and 4G versions and have FOM ratings of up to 2400 and beyond

Some of the key features

  • Canadian Made using European Tubes (Photonis)
  • Up to 7 years Limited Warranty
  • Quality Components - Don't be tricked into thinking all are the same
  • Training
  • Helmets

Expert Advice from people who know and use Night Vision

We alone average 500-800 hours at night per year working at night under Night Vision including driving up to 40 kph and foot movement - We Own the Night