Lifeseeker is an innovative airborne system capable of locating mobile phones accurately even in areas without network coverage and under adverse weather conditions.

The system takes advantage of the enormous social impact that mobile communication technologies have had in recent years in order to turn a mobile phone into an emergency beacon capable of leading rescue teams to its exact location.

Lifeseeker also acts as a relay and can provide a communication channel between the missing person and the rescue team.

Lifeseeker allows to perform searching missions under low or no visibility conditions, including night flights, reducing sweep time of the searching area and optimizing the operational costs. Lifeseeker enables the detection of hidden or buried people, for instance under snow, foliage or rubble.

We are the New Zealand and Australian Representative for Lifeseeker.

  • Locates missing people using their mobile phones as beacons.
  • With no collaboration of the missing person.
  • With no collaboration of the service providers.
  • Works in 2G, 3G, 4G and no signal areas.
  • Does Not Interfere with the Cellphone Network
  • Does Not Interfere with other cellphone users
  • Works as a standalone system or fully integrated.
  • Maximizes User Experience (high usability).
  • Works on multiple screens.
  • Provides tools for training and debriefing.
  • Acts as a communication relay.