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iriSelect is an intelligent, helm-mounted, multifunctional control and status unit.

iriSelect acts as the system controller for your iriSound intercom system. From here you control audio routing, noise cancelling profiles, radio access and more.

The desire for a user-friendly, intuitive and clean instrument panel is solved easily and elegantly with the iriSelect Black Box, where the iriSound Intelligent Intercom is controlled via the vessel’s or vehicle’s existing Multifunction Functional Display (MFD).

Currently Garmin, Simrad, Raymarine Intergrations are available; talk to us about which models.


The user interface is designed to auto-adapt to your specific Multi-Function Display unit, and the system will auto-generate a screen layout that matches your specific intercom system configuration, considering number of connected radios and headsets etc.
If the system is to be used on a fleet where all vessels are uniform and operated by many different users, a user-optimized design may be the solution. IWCS offers to design such customized layout.


In contrast to the standard iriSelect, where a fixed number of operational modes are
pre-programmed into the device from the factory, iriSelect Black Box allows you to
dynamically change voice groups, radio access rights etc. during a mission. The screen provides an intuitive, visual presentation of audio routing in the system, and changes take effect immediately. To prevent unintentional changes to settings, an optional PIN code protection can be enabled.


Your Intelligent iriSound Intercom System and iriSelect Black Box have many functions, and not all of them are used every day. For your convenience, the iriSelect Black Box contains both a Quick Guide and a more detailed user manual. On request, user-specific details and information can also be included.

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