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When working in a team, being able to communicate effortlessly will not only simplify solving the task at hand but it can also considerably improve the safety of the people involved.

iriBridge was designed with teams of 2 people in mind, where there’s a need to communicate over short to medium distances, where direct communication is otherwise challenging or impossible.

With iriBridge you can connect two wireless headsets together, creating an always-open (full duplex) communication channel.

For long-range communication, iriBridge-R offers a connection to an external radio.

Typical applications of iriBridge/iriBridge-R:

  • Intercom between 2 people onboard small vessels or ATVs
  • Intercom between 2 people onboard larger leisure vessels for bridge to helm communication
  • Intercom between 2 people in a working environment
  • Bridging between 2 vessels or ATVs, each driven by one person


iriBridge is a stand-alone unit with two wireless channels. Best performance is achieved when using iriComm headsets, but suitable 3rd party headsets can also be connected. Depending on the specifications of the headsets being used, an operational range of up to 100m from iriBridge to headset can be achieved – creating up to a 200m operational range from headset to headset

iriBridge R

iriBridge-R has the same basic functionality as the iriBridge, with the addition of a connection for an external communication radio. The external radio makes it possible to communicate over longer distances. When used with an iriComm headset, remote PTT function for the external radio is supported. Alternatively, a separate PTT button can be connected to iriBridge-R. iriBridge-R can be ordered for specific radio models.

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