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iriComm 4.0 Wireless

iriComm 4.0 Wireless

iriComm 4.0 Wireless is our brand new headset. IriComm 4.0 Wireless has the same features as a standard wireless headset, plus Situational Awareness  function and 3-Mode LED light

iriComm 4.0 Wireless works on the 2.4 GHz band and connects to iriSound Solutions (Intelligent Intercom), to mobile phones and even Peer To Peer. iriComm 4.0 supports two simultaneous connections at the same time.

A Versatile Stand-Alone Headset with Superior Features

Experience the convenience of the iriComm 4.0 stand-alone headset, delivered with a customized cable and connector compatible with your preferred radio or IWCS headset interface. This ensures seamless integration and optimal performance for your communication needs.

With most radios supporting external PTT functionality, activating it is effortless. Simply use the raised middle button on the left earcup, which stands out by 1.5mm for easy accessibility even while wearing gloves.

Equipped with a military-grade noise-canceling boom microphone, the iriComm 4.0 guarantees exceptional performance in any environment. With an impressive maximum sound pressure level (SPL) of 142 dB, it enables clear and robust audio transmission, even in high-noise settings such as below a large helicopter. Moreover, the microphone boasts IP67 waterproof certification for added durability.

It’s worth mentioning that the iriComm 4.0 Wired is a valuable component of the iriSound Intelligent Intercom system, enhancing its capabilities and providing a comprehensive communication solution.

Experience the outstanding capabilities of iriComm 4.0, meticulously designed to meet the demanding requirements of rescue swimmers and provide unparalleled performance in loud surroundings. This advanced headset boasts impressive specifications that ensure reliable communication in challenging environments.

When working as a helicopter rescue swimmer, or as part of a tactical team or fire department, clear and uninterrupted communication at sea is vital for success. The iriComm 4.0 is purpose-built to overcome obstacles such as adverse weather conditions, surrounding noise, and distance to team members, ensuring seamless communication even in challenging circumstances.

With various configurations available, the iriComm 4.0 can be seamlessly integrated with external handheld radios, fixed radios, iriSound Audio Mixers.

Choose iriComm 4.0 and experience unrivaled performance and clarity in your communication, empowering you to excel in demanding environments.

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